Волшебное погружение в мир красочных проекций, где оживает все, к чему ты прикасаешься.

A world renowned story in a new form

You (most certainly) haven’t seen anything like this yet: projections, sensor walls, magical lights, giant pencils…

square meters of entertainment
million pixels of colorful projections
interactive zones part of one storyline
fascinating story which you become part of
number of unforgettable emotions

Ten interactive zones

Everyone is allowed to run, jump, play, draw, break dishes, tickle Barmaglot and catch airplanes

A place where magic happens

Central Children’s Store on Lubyanka
4th floor, Rocket hall
Moscow, Teatralny Proezd, 5/1
Lubyanka metro station
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Opening hours


Ticket office closes

at 21:30

Телефон — +7 (985) 899-94-72

Ticket price (weekday/weekend)

Children – 600 RUB/700 RUB

Adult – 550 RUB/650 RUB

Reduced fare ticket – 400 RUB/500 RUB

Family – 2000 RUB/2400 RUB

What happened in Wonderland?

The land of joy and magic froze

Alice and everyone else grew up and turned into boring adults and even the children are interested only in their glowing little boxes with buttons.

No one is laughing or fooling around

Magic became bored, no one believed in it and it disappeared. The Cheshire Cat doesn’t smile any more, and the Caterpillar is going through an existential crisis.

The world has been captured by three evil sisters: Boredom, Melancholy and Dullness

They made everyone fall asleep, covered everything in dust and web, and made Barmaglot forever not smile. He eats chestnuts and is very sad.

Only you can bring back the magic and wonder!

Cheer up Barmaglot, banish the evil sisters, bring back color and wonder to the Land. If we can laugh louder than a snail and jump higher than the crimson mushrooms, learn to fly again and create dreams, then this world will never be sad again!

Happiness is only possible when there is a balance of craziness and fun, joy and dullness; happiness appears when we fill our reality with magic!

Amazing birthday parties and events!

For birthday boys and girls, we have a special programme with a magical Candy bar, hosts in fantastic costumes and unforgettable emotions. The unique multimedia possibilities of our venue are great for incredible family and children-related presentations and events! Call or email us for more information.

Come and create magic together
with us!